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A skin toner which has a low concentration of alcohol suits an oily skin. Information here tells us how they work and how to prepare some homemade versions which you can use to get great looking skin.

In order to find the best toner for oily skin, you need to have an idea of various types that are available. This is a cosmetic that removes oil, dirt, dust, and makeup residues from the skin and closes its open pores. There are basically three types. They are skin fresheners or bracers, skin tonics, and astringents.

All of them contain some amount of alcohol and a humectant like glycerin. They differ from each other in the concentration of alcohol and humectant. Alcohol acts as the cleansing agent while the humectant prevents the moisture in the upper layers of epidermis from evaporating to the atmosphere.

There are broadly three types of skin toners. Skin fresheners contain 0 – 10% of alcohol, water, and a humectant, which is usually glycerin. A common example is rosewater. They are ideal for sensitive, normal, and dry skin. Skin tonics contain 0 – 20% of alcohol, water, and a humectant.

A popular example is orange flower water. They are suitable for normal, combination, and mildly oily skin. Astringents suit excessive oily skin. The amount of alcohol present in them is anywhere between 20% and 60%.

Apart from alcohol, water, and a humectant, they contain ingredients of an antiseptic. Astringents are drying in action. This is the reason why they are recommendable to oily skin. Witch hazel is a common example of astringent.

However, it has been observed that if a particular astringent excessively dries one’s skin, it then tries to compensate for the loss by producing more oil. Therefore, if you find a toner overly drying your skin, discontinue using it. Or else, you may aggravate the problem.

Trial and error method works in this case. Try a single type regularly for a month. Do the same with other types as well. Compare the results. Select the best one out and continue using it till you keep getting desired results.

Recipe :
Take a peppermint tea bag, 2 teaspoons of witch hazel, a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and a cup of boiling water. Put the peppermint tea bag in the water to allow steeping for about 10 minutes.

Remove the tea bag and let the water cool. Add the lemon juice and witch hazel to the water. Mix the ingredients well. Store the mixture in a glass container and refrigerate it.

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