Beauty Secrets of Jacqueline Fernadez
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Jacqueline is always ready to share it all with her fans. Now that is what we call, a transparent beauty! Most of the hindi film actresses maintain a very healthy regime, and are extremely strict and disciplined. Jacqueline said, “My beauty regime will probably be, there are 2 parts to it one is in the morning and there is the evening one before I sleep.

Favorite skin care products to her best beauty tips :

1. A glass of lukewarm with Apple Vinegar-Cider(one tea spoon) in the morning.
2. Fernandez uses face wash by Cetaphil, and then applies moisturizer by La Prarie
3. Her beauty regime is incomplete without using a great toner. As she has a troublesome T-Zone, cleaning and toning are a must do rituals.
4. She uses lip balms by Dermalogica.
5. Miss Fernandez also trusts home made products and packs, her favorite ones are honey and Yoghurt based.
6. On her recommendation list is Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil by The Body Shop.
7. She loves her Youth Serum, for glow and radiant skin.
8. You will never spot her without lip butter, sanitizer and a face spritzer
9. Jacqueline recommends using ice cubes on her face to get rid of tiredness and dullness. However, ice cubes should be wrapped in cotton.

Fitness Secrets of Jacqueline Fernadez

She constantly works out her body in the gym but what exactly does she do to get that sexy body? Lets spill her work out and fitness tips.

  • An hour of work out which includes Dancing, Swimming.
  • Meditation and pranayam.
  • A cup of green tea after waking up by seven am!
  • Light weights in the gym.
  • Dancing rigorously
  • Swimming & running every alternate day.

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