See pic your Favorite Stars without makeup
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Did see your favorite celebrity  in without makeup. You don’t Believe it or not!! Even Hollywood’s most glam divas go the natural way once in a while! Some look super gorgeous even without makeup.

When No Makeup selfies started trending on social media, celebrities were quick to jump on board. There were plenty of fails, as some stars felt eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss didn’t count. The hashtag spawned hilarious parodies as well,

1. Chelsea 

Chelsea Handler made a name for herself with her bold stand-up comedy, uncensored autobiographical books, and no-punches-pulled talk show on E! She’s also been posting topless photos to Twitter for years, so it’s no surprise that her #NoMakeup photo is one of the roughest of the bunch.

2. Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato is arguably the queen of no makeup selfies. She posts them constantly, and she’s even done a naked, no makeup, no retouching shoot with Vanity Fair to embrace and reinforce the concept of positive body image to other women.

3. Nicki Minaj
icki Minaj has toned her makeup down from the loud, candy-colored palette of her “Super Bass” days, but she still generally wears plenty. That’s why it’s so shocking to look at her shower selfie without the eye shadow.

4. Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks is naturally gorgeous, and to say that she needs to do herself up to be beautiful would be ridiculous.

5.Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s then-husband Russell Brand posted this now-infamous, quickly deleted pic to Twitter.

6.Kylie Jenner
This Kylie Jenner “no makeup” pic was one of the ones that was criticized, since she clearly is still wearing eyeliner, but we included it anyway, because the nose and lips she has now make her look like a completely different person.

7. Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria is another beauty unafraid to go without makeup on social media and sometimes in public. She obviously can get away with it.

8. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is the queen of makeup. Smoky eye, contouring, nontouring — whatever trend she rocks, the beauty world catches on fast.

9. Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart doesn’t need makeup to look good. Kristen is a very pretty actress and looks as good without makeup as she does with makeup. And she most certainty proves this point in the above picture. In fact, she’s often spotted at airports and other places sans makeup.

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